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Let's face it, there are just too many drum companies. Whether its from some custom builder in his garage or one of the giants of the industry, the modern drum market is flooded with manufacturers. To make matters more confusing, a new "system" or "innovation" for doing the same thing as everyone else is being hyped every day by every one of them. So what sets Peace apart from these numberless masses of drum builders?
For starters, we make it all ourselves. Everything from the shells to the smallest screw is made in-house at Peace's factory in Taichung, Taiwan. We own one of the most complete manufacturing facilities of musical and percussive instruments in existence, assuring precise and efficient quality control. Peace Musical Taiwan has been supplying the major musical markets in Europe and abroad with high-quality drums and percussion for over 30 years.
Secondly, though Peace Drums are fairly new on the scene, chances are you have played them before. The scope and quality of our product line has secured Peace as one of the leading parts suppliers in the industry. We manufacture drums, parts, and accessories for pretty much every drum company under the sun.
Third, the product is made with the player in mind. Manufacturing product for all of these companies allows Peace to take the elements that make them great into our own line. Every element of every Peace Drum is designed by drummers for drummers, and hand made by seasoned craftsmen in our own facility.
Fourth, value. Since Peace president Michael Chen began manufacturing drums over three decades ago, it has been the company's goal to provide current, pro-quality, player-friendly drums and percussion accessories at a price that every drummer can afford. That goal still stands in our current lines of drums for the player of every experience level. Peace's first North American office opened in 1998; distributing 4 series of entry-level drums and a variety of hardware and accessories.
Peace Drums and Percussion represents the most current and innovative line of products for the everyone from seasoned pros to the earliest student. Each product that bears the Peace name features pro elements, normally found only on the finest percussion instruments. Allowing every player that sits behind them the freedom of playing without boundaries is the cornerstone philosophy at Peace Drums and Percussion. This "Drumming Against the Grain" attitude has turned heads before, and we can't wait 'till you see what we've got for you now.


Time is the essence of the art of drumming. In a relatively short amount of it, Peace has established itself as the cornerstone of quality and value in the drum industry. But the more we considered drums for the professional player, time was the key element in creating something truly unique. With this in mind, our master technicians studied the classics of the past to create our own vision of the future. Paragon Series All Maple Drums are a realization of that vision! Using only the finest Canadian Rock Maple, Paragon's shells and bearing edges are formed, treated and finished by hand, one at a time. The inner shells and bearing edges are form finished and then sealed repeatedly. This process of evolution assures proper air flow and unrestricted vibration to the shell. But it is how this shell is set free to vibrate while mounted that sets Paragon above the rest. Paragon Series is the first to feature our new Lug Integrated Floating Tom Suspension (L.I.F.T.S.) System (Patent Pending). Rethinking a classic in mounting technology, L.I.F.T.S. fuses our Crescent Tom Mount with the shaft of our new Dues two-way micro-tube lug. By pulling the rubber-isolated contact points away from the tension rods, L.I.F.T.S. not only assures less stress to crucial tuning points, but also makes changing heads while the tom is mounted a reality. Like other boutique drum kits in it's class, Paragon gives the artist the freedom of choosing every component to form a totally personalized set-up (sizes 6" to 26"). But in the trAdiion of every set that bears the PEACE name, Paragon keeps the player in control by presenting all these factors at a price that won't require a second mortgage.
Also available as the PARAGON STAGE 2 Series with Maple/Mahogany/Maple shells for a darker tone.

DNA Series

Wanna get technical? As drumming becomes more advanced, so do the demands drummers have on gear. By eliminating factors that might inhibit sonic potential, PEACE Drums and Percussion's new D-N-A (Dynamic-Neuro-Audiology) process presents a scientific advance in the way drums are made...and played! Each hand-made component that makes up our new D-N-A-Series drums is individually tested to assure peak performance and optimum sound quality. 9 Micro-Plies of 100% Birch are treated to preserve organic liveliness within the shell. Once they are fused, the thin but durable shell is cut to solid perfection with a dual 45 degree bearing edge. Our simple but effective Duo-Tune lug and Crescent tom mounts are then employed to assure optimum resonance and tone. But where warmth and projection make each D-N-A drum superb in the studio, our expanded Atomic sparkle Lacquer finishes make a durable and aesthetically unique performance instrument.

FINISHES AVAILABLE: Atomic Nightshade, Atomic GunMetal, Atomic Bullion Sparkle, Atomic Indigo Sparkle, Atomic Aspen Sparkle


Terra Rax features a new 9 ply shell with inner plys of Maple for unmistakable warmth and clarity. Our durable metallic finishes still stand up to the use and abuse that is continually dished out by players everywhere. Though the sizes have been scaled down a bit, the 7x10, 8x12, and 10x14 toms pack a punch equal to toms twice their size. The low end is backed up by the 16x20 bass drum, and the ear splitting crack of the included 3.5x14 piccolo snare is enough to bring nay-sayers to their knees! The best part of the Terra Rax is that all of the drums and stands, except the hi-hats are mountable on the INCLUDED 3 piece Arena Rack System. No more fooling with stands and worrying about floor space to fit your setup, the memory locks and clamps on the rack assure a standard that you can follow for every gig for quick assembly. With all these features, one might think the price tag on the Terra Rax would be a thing of the past, but the improved package never strays from the PEACE philosophy of always giving the player more than is paid for!

FINISHES AVAILABLE: Piano Black, Wine red, Mirror Chrome, Apple Green