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Our Purpose

Organization Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to increase the popularity of our common interest in motorcycle riding while at the same time, promoting brotherhood. We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand. We also want to have fun while we are together and working on projects. By developing relationships and friendships, the organization will become even stronger.

Mission Statement

The Brothers Of The Sun Motorcycle Club... a Non-Profit Organization comprised of motorcyclist, enthusiast and business leaders dedicated to provide assistance to Fallen and Injured motorcyclist, disadvantaged youth and families, coordinate relief to the sick, homeless, elderly and work with other charitable organizations that help to make a positive difference in our communities. We are also affiliated with Bikers With Heart, Inc. an organization whose intention is to create a Memorial for Fallen Bikers and a facility where motorcyclist, enthusiast and the general community can enjoy.

"We Ride Because We Care!"

Because we are a private organization, there are some qualifications which must be met to join, however, we are NOT now, nor have we ever been an Outlaw group! We are NOT a 1% club and we have no interest in controlling territory, warring or fighting with other clubs and we do not belive in disrespecting any other clubs' patch.

We are a nationally chartered, family oriented, community minded group of motorcycle enthusiasts! We enjoy riding our bikes and enjoy riding together even more!

We do not tolerate or advocate drug use! A large number of our membership nationwide are professionals within their respective communities!

We are law-abiding citizens, we are dedicated to our families, our fellow SUNS and our communities.

And yes! WOMEN RIDERS are not only welcome, but encouraged!

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